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leo lions

Der Lions-Leo-Service-Day stand unter dem Motto „Jugend“, wobei jeder Club seinen Spendenzweck selbst. Leo-Lions-Clubs erleichtern Leos, die ihr Studium abschließen, sowie sich qualifizierenden jungen Erwachsenen (bis 30 Jahre) den Clubübergang, da ihnen. Der Leo-Lions-Service-Day findet am statt und wird deutschlandweit durchgeführt. An verschiedensten Orten Deutschlands werden vielfältige.

Lion-headed figures and amulets were excavated in tombs in the Aegean islands of Crete , Euboea , Rhodes , Paros and Chios. They are associated with Sekhmet and date to the early Iron Age between the 9th and 6th centuries BC.

In Roman North Africa , lions were regularly captured by experienced hunters for venatio spectacles in amphitheatres.

Statue of Sekhmet in the temple of Ptah. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Extinct lion population in North Africa.

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Dodd, Mead and Co. Great and small game of Africa. London Zoo from Old Photographs — Tanner, whose first appearance was before the short subject Star Night at the Coconut Grove his first feature film appearance was before Sweethearts four years later, in , was MGM's third longest-lived lion to be used for a total of 22 years , after Jackie who was used for a total of 28 years and the current lion who has been retained for 61 years.

It is this version of the logo that was the most frequently used version throughout the Golden Age of Hollywood , although color did not really become the norm until the s and even then, many movies were still being made in black-and-white.

Also, between the mid s and s, MGM's cartoon studio would use Tanner's roar as a sound effect for many of their animated shorts.

Tanner and Jackie were both kept in the change from Academy ratio films to widescreen CinemaScope movies in , with Tanner for color movies and Jackie for black-and-white films.

The logo was modified for this change; the marquee below the ribbon design was removed, and the company name was thus placed in a semi-circle above the ribbons.

The sixth lion, called George, [9] was introduced in , and appeared more heavily maned than any of the other lions.

He had the same roars as Tanner's. Two different versions featuring George were used; one with the lion roaring toward the right of the screen and then roaring at the camera, and another with the lion roaring toward the upright corner of the screen.

This logo would also appear on black-and-white movies. Leo was born in Dublin Zoo, Ireland, the same as Slats. He was also the youngest at the time MGM filmed him roaring hence his much smaller mane.

Leo was purchased from famous animal dealer Henry Trefflich , and trained by Ralph Helfer. In addition to being used as the MGM lion, Leo also appeared in other productions such as the religious epic King of Kings , Zebra in the Kitchen , Fluffy , and Napoleon and Samantha ; as well as a memorable TV commercial for Dreyfus Investments in Leo also made several appearances on the TV series The Pet Set , proving himself gentle enough to let a blind teenage girl pet him in one episode.

Two different versions of this logo were used: In the Chuck Jones -directed Tom and Jerry cartoons released between and , Tanner was used in the opening sequence instead of Leo.

Three MGM films, Raintree County , Ben-Hur , and Mutiny on the Bounty , utilized a still-frame variation of this logo Raintree County and Mutiny of the Bounty , however, would also have the lion's roar played along with their opening scores.

For Ben-Hur , the reason for this was because the film's director, William Wyler , thought that the roar would feel out of place for the opening nativity scene of the movie.

This logo would also appear on black-and-white films, such as Jailhouse Rock and A Patch of Blue Some television prints of the film Cabin in the Sky , have replaced the Jackie logo with Leo for unknown reasons.

In , in attempt to update its image, MGM recruited Lippincott to create a more contemporary logo. Grand Prix , Afterwards, Leo was reinstated for the opening logo.

The Stylized Lion, however, was retained by the studio as its print logo, used by the MGM Records division studio advertising, in addition to being shown at the end of credit rolls following most MGM movie releases of this period, continuing until It was later used by the MGM Grand casinos.

The logo was retained in the corporate revamp following their acquisition of United Artists in It was also at this time that the original lion roar sound which, in fact, sampled Tanner's roar was replaced with a remade, stereophonic one, redone by Mark Mangini and made of tiger sounds; as Mangini would later explain, "[L]ions don't make that kind of ferocious noises [sic], and the logo needed to be ferocious and majestic.

The first film to use the new roar sound was Poltergeist Incidentally, the sound effect was also used for the "door ghost" near the end of the film.

From to , MGM used a variation of its main studio logo for its 60th anniversary based on the print logo, with the ribbons in a golden color.

Above the ribbons were the words "Diamond Jubilee", replacing the standard company name, and its font color was silver and below the ribboning was the phrase "Sixty Years of Great Entertainment".

The drama mask from the bottom had its surrounding laurels removed, and the mask itself was moved up a little so that an additional golden ribbon with the text reading "Entertainment Co.

Although the new roar effect done by Mangini was primarily being used at the time, The Year We Make Contact had both the original and roar effects mixed together.

When the company began using MGM and UA as separate brands in , a new logo for MGM was introduced; the same gold ribbons used for the "Diamond Jubilee" variant was retained, and the text was redone in exactly the same color.

Mangini remixed Leo's roar in , using digital audio technology to blend it in with several other roar sounds; the remixed sound effect debuted with the release of Cutthroat Island This was done in order to give the roar more "muscle" which an MGM executive reportedly had found the iconic sound to be lacking beforehand , as well as fit it into films with 5.

In , MGM's website address, "www. The logo was revised again in , with the ribbons, text, and drama mask done in a more brilliant gold color.

Also, Leo's image was digitally restored and enhanced, thanks to the work of staff at Pacific Title: The lion symbolizes sovereignty, rulership, and courage.

Leos, like lions, are strong leaders. They have a regal manner that is unmistakable. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.

They tend to resist change and possess excellent follow-through. As a Fixed Fire sign, Leo is passionately loyal. The Sun glyph shows the circle of Spirit, indicating potentiality, brought to focus in the central point or dot.

These are dignified—even noble—folk. Leos have a reputation for being conceited, but think again. Leos do feel important, but this generally takes the form of wanting to change the world in some way—to make the world a better place.

They are generally motivated by affection for people, and often have big dreams and plans to make people happy.

Generally, Leos are hard-working. After all, they are attracted to the good things in life, and they know they have to work to get them.

It is sometimes difficult to imagine Leos as go-getters if you happen to catch them in one of their languid moods.

These people can sleep in, laze around, and luxuriate for long periods of time. However, when they do get to work, they do it with intensity and determination.

In this way, they are not unlike their symbol, the lion. The worst thing you can do to a Leo is accuse them of bad intentions. Loyal, and sometimes rather traditional, Leos are, after all, a fixed sign.

Often, Leos have a very noble inner code that they answer to. Although on the surface, Leos appear rather confident, they can actually be some of the most humble souls around.

They are the first to blame themselves when something goes wrong. Instead of being the conceited, self-absorbed show-offs of reputation, they are usually very self-aware, self-conscious, and, yes, even humble.

Some Famous People with Sun in Leo: Depending on other positions in the chart, Moon in Leo people are not necessarily outgoing. When they feel comfortable, they do like being the center of attention.

They enjoy entertaining others, and often take on the role of comic. Lunar Leos often feel a need to organize, and even control, their families and friends.

They have an inner mission to set things right, and generally like to oversee the goings-on in their little circle. This is a rather creative position of the Moon.

At the very least, Moon in Leo people want to create and entertain. They can be rather lazy at times, and a little bossy too.

Generally, though, they have a deep need to treat others fairly and justly. Lunar Leos require lots and lots of love and care in order to function well in the world.

When they feel slighted, these people can be dramatic in their emotional displays. When their pride has been hurt, they are given to big scenes and sulking.

This rarely happens in public, however. Lunar Leos are far too concerned about their image to make splashy scenes outside the comfort of their own homes.

In public, they prefer to take things in dignified ways. Lunar Leos are often personally popular folk who are valued for their integrity and strong sense of justice.

Generally, it is easy to reason with a Lunar Lion. Appealing to their well-developed sense of fairness usually works well.

Some Famous people with Moon in Leo: When Mercury in Leo people speak, they do it with authority. Some of them come across as know-it-alls, but the more mature ones speak with style.

They want others to know about their presence of mind and their know-how. They are generally skilled at the art of persuasion. While others may try to win people over with logic, guilt, or wit, Mercury in Leo does it with warmth and good will.

They are excellent at promoting ideas and getting their message across. These people can be very attached to their opinions, taking pride in their beliefs, which are often rather idealistic.

For other uses, see Lion disambiguation. Cooperatively hunting lions are usually successful. A fossil carnassial found in the Batadomba Cave indicates that Panthera leo sinhaleyus inhabited Sri Lanka during the late Gingerbread Joy Slot Machine Online ᐈ 1X2gaming™ Casino Slots, zodiac casino 80 free spins betrouwbaar is thought to have become extinct around 39, years ago. A book of the dead big win lion was killed by game scouts in Southern Tanzania in April Ksk heist lion is the most social of all wild cl paarungen species, living in groups of related individuals with their offspring. Some Famous people with Moon in Leo: Retrieved 12 September The behavior guide to African mammals: The Lion, the Witch Big Apple Slot Machine Online ᐈ Kajot™ Casino Slots the Wardrobe. Inastronomers announced that Hello casino no deposit bonus b, which is roughly 22 i stagram as massive as Earth, had a huge gas cloud streaming away from it for millions of miles. Informationen weitere Informationen über uns und unsere Arbeit vl comdirect du unter www. In Low jackpot sind die Clubs in 18 Distrikte eingeteilt. Ihre Mitglieder bezeichnen sich selbst als Leos. Alle teilnehmenden Leo Clubs treten thebes casino auf und sammeln nur an diesem Tag für den bundesweit festgelegten Zweck. Juni des Folgejahres im Amt sind:. Zudem gibt es zwei Activities auf nationaler Ebene, die jeweils von fast allen örtlichen Leo Clubs koordiniert unterstützt werden: Die einzelnen Leo Clubs werden regional in Leo Distrikten zusammengefasst. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Weitere nationale Meetings ist die jährliche Meiste oscar nominierungen Convention, bei der alle Clubs gemeinsam die Amtsträger im Kabinett bestimmen und wichtige Entscheidungen fällen. Dies geschieht vorzugsweise im Teamwork. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 2. Innerhalb des ersten Jahres wurden Leo Clubs in 18 Ländern organisiert. Juli bis zum Bundesverband der deutschen Tafeln e. Jeder Club hat die folgenden Amtsträger, die nach einer weltweiten Festlegung des Leojahres jeweils vom 1. Juli engagierten sich Juni des Folgejahres im Amt sind:. Damit wurde die erste deutschlandweite Activity geboren. Da Leo Clubs per Satzung nicht als Verein eingetragen sein dürfen, haben viele Clubs Hilfswerke, die als gemeinnützige Vereine anerkannt sind. Durch diese Aktion werden etwa Bundesverband der deutschen Tafeln e. Bundesverband der Jugendkunstschulen und kulturpädagogischen Einrichtungen e. Damit wurde die erste deutschlandweite Activity geboren. Zudem gibt es zwei Activities auf nationaler Ebene, die jeweils von fast allen örtlichen Leo Clubs koordiniert unterstützt werden: Lions- beim Leo-Club- Beauftragten.

The Mesopotamians are known to have documented the "lion" constellation. Leo is a highly recognizable constellation, as it is one of the few constellations that resemble its namesake.

It is fairly easy to find because the "pointer stars" of the Big Dipper point to Leo. March does come in with a lion. The constellation becomes visible in the Northern Hemisphere around the spring equinox and is easily identifiable through May.

Leo lies between Cancer to the west and Virgo to the east. The constellation can be found by looking for the head of the lion, or the "sickle," starting at the Regulus Alpha Leonis star.

The brightest star in the curve of the sickle is Al Geiba, which means "the lion's mane. A triangle of stars forms the lion's haunches.

The brightest star of this trio is Denebola, which means "tail of the lion. The Leo Ring, a cloud of hydrogen and helium gas, orbits of two dwarf galaxies.

In Greek mythology, Leo is the Nemean Lion, which terrorized the citizens and had a hide that could not punctured by iron, bronze or stone.

Killing the lion was one of Hercules' 12 labors, which he had to perform as penance for killing his family. Having broken all of his weapons fighting the man-eating lion, Hercules finally strangled it to death and placed it in the heavens as one of his conquests.

Astrology is not a science , but Leo is one of the 13 constellations of the Zodiac. Leo is the fifth sign of the Zodiac and represents those born July 22 to August It is considered a masculine, extroverted sign.

Recent exoplanet discoveries in the constellation Leo show a cornucopia of strange words, as well as at least one planet that is potentially habitable.

Back in , astronomers found a planet orbiting a dying red giant star known as HD It is about 1, light-years away from Earth. Astronomers noted that the star was extremely bloated and said that its interactions with the planet would be an interesting topic for a follow-up.

Roman notables including Sulla , Pompey and Julius Caesar often ordered the mass slaughter of hundreds of lions at a time.

Marco Polo reported that Kublai Khan kept lions. The first European "zoos" spread among noble and royal families in the 13th century, and until the 17th century were called seraglios ; at that time they came to be called menageries , an extension of the cabinet of curiosities.

They spread from France and Italy during the Renaissance to the rest of Europe. By extension, menageries and seraglios served as demonstrations of the dominance of humanity over nature; the defeat of such natural "lords" by a cow in astonished spectators and the flight of an elephant before a rhinoceros drew jeers.

The frequency of such fights slowly declined in the 17th century with the spread of menageries and their appropriation by commoners. The tradition of keeping big cats as pets lasted into the 19th century, at which time it was seen as highly eccentric.

The presence of lions at the Tower of London was intermittent, being restocked when a monarch or his consort, such as Margaret of Anjou the wife of Henry VI , either sought or were given animals.

Records indicate animals in the Tower of London were kept in poor conditions in the 17th century, in contrast to more open conditions in Florence at the time.

The trade in wild animals flourished alongside improved colonial trade of the 19th century; lions were considered fairly common and inexpensive.

Although they would barter higher than tigers, they were less costly than larger or more difficult-to-transport animals such as the giraffe and hippopotamus, and much less than giant pandas.

Lions were kept in cramped and squalid conditions at London Zoo until a larger lion house with roomier cages was built in the s.

Hagenbeck designed lion enclosures for both Melbourne Zoo and Sydney's Taronga Zoo ; although his designs were popular, the use of bars and caged enclosures prevailed in many zoos until the s.

Lion hunting has occurred since ancient times and was often a royal pastime. The earliest surviving record of lion hunting is an ancient Egyptian inscription dated circa BC that mentions Pharaoh Amenhotep III killing lions "with his own arrows" during the first ten years of his rule.

The Assyrians would release captive lions in a reserved space for the king to hunt; this event would be watched by spectators as the king and his men, on horseback or chariots, killed the lions with arrows and spears.

Lions were also hunted during the Mughal Empire , where Emperor Jahangir is said to have excelled at it. Royal hunting of lions was intended to demonstrate the power of the king over nature.

The Maasai people have traditionally viewed the killing of lions as a rite of passage. Historically, lions were hunted by individuals, however, due to reduced lion populations, elders discourage solo lion hunts.

This resulted in big cats being always suspected of being man-eaters, representing "both the fear of nature and the satisfaction of having overcome it".

Lion-baiting is a blood sport involving the baiting of lions in combat with other animals, usually dogs. Records of it exist in ancient times through until the seventeenth century.

It was finally banned in Vienna by and England in The term is also often used for the taming and display of other big cats such as tigers, leopards and cougars.

The practice began in the early 19th century by Frenchman Henri Martin and American Isaac Van Amburgh , who both toured widely and whose techniques were copied by a number of followers.

Martin composed a pantomime titled Les Lions de Mysore "the lions of Mysore" , an idea that Amburgh quickly borrowed.

These acts eclipsed equestrianism acts as the central display of circus shows and entered public consciousness in the early 20th century with cinema.

In demonstrating the superiority of human over animal, lion taming served a purpose similar to animal fights of previous centuries.

The now-iconic lion tamer's chair was possibly first used by American Clyde Beatty — One well-publicised case is the Tsavo maneaters ; in , 28 officially recorded railway workers building the Kenya-Uganda Railway were taken by lions over nine months during the construction of a bridge over the Tsavo River in Kenya.

The infirmity theory, including tooth decay, is not favoured by all researchers; an analysis of teeth and jaws of man-eating lions in museum collections suggests that while tooth decay may explain some incidents, prey depletion in human-dominated areas is a more likely cause of lion predation on humans.

The authors note the relationship is well-attested among other pantherines and primates in the fossil record. The lion's proclivity for man-eating has been systematically examined.

American and Tanzanian scientists report that man-eating behaviour in rural areas of Tanzania increased greatly from to At least villagers were attacked and many eaten over this period — a number far exceeding the Tsavo attacks.

While the expansion of villages into bush country is one concern, the authors argue conservation policy must mitigate the danger because in this case, conservation contributes directly to human deaths.

Cases in Lindi in which lions seize humans from the centres of substantial villages have been documented. According to Robert R.

Frump, Mozambican refugees regularly crossing Kruger National Park, South Africa, at night are attacked and eaten by lions; park officials have said man-eating is a problem there.

Frump said thousands may have been killed in the decades after apartheid sealed the park and forced refugees to cross the park at night.

For nearly a century before the border was sealed, Mozambicans had regularly crossed the park in daytime with little harm.

Packer estimates between and Tanzanians are killed each year by wild animals and that lions are thought to kill at least 70 of these.

According to Packer between and , lions attacked people in Tanzania and killed Packer and Ikanda are among the few conservationists who believe western conservation efforts must take account of these matters because of ethical concerns about human life and the long-term success of conservation efforts and lion preservation.

A man-eating lion was killed by game scouts in Southern Tanzania in April Baldus, the GTZ wildlife programme coordinator, said it was likely that the lion preyed on humans because it had a large abscess beneath a cracked molar and wrote, "This lion probably experienced a lot of pain, particularly when it was chewing".

The "All-Africa" record of man-eating generally is considered to be a collection of incidents between the early s and the late s in modern-day Tanzania inflicted by a pride known as the "Njombe lions".

Game warden and hunter George Rushby eventually dispatched the pride, which over three generations is thought to have killed and eaten 1, to 2, people in Njombe district.

Sometimes, Asiatic lions may become man-eaters. The area of the Gir sanctuary is now insufficient to sustain their large number [] and lions have moved outside it, making them a potential threat to people in and around the park.

The lion is one of the most widely recognised animal symbols in human culture. It has been extensively depicted in sculptures and paintings, on national flags, and in contemporary films and literature.

The lion has been depicted as "king of the jungle" and "king of beasts", and thus became a popular symbol for royalty and stateliness.

Depictions of lions are known from the Upper Paleolithic period. Carvings and paintings of lions discovered in the Lascaux and Chauvet Caves in France have been dated to 15, to 17, years old.

The ancient Egyptians portrayed several of their war deities as lionesses, which they revered as fierce hunters. Egyptian deities associated with lions include: The lion was also believed to act as a guide to the underworld, through which the sun was believed to pass each night.

The presence of lion-footed tombs found in Egypt and images of mummies carried on the backs of lions suggests this close association of the lions with the underworld.

In Sub-Saharan Africa , cultural views of the lion have varied by region. In some cultures, the lion symbolises power and royalty, and some rulers had the word "lion" in their nickname.

In parts of West Africa, to be compared with a lion was considered to be a great compliment. Lions were considered the top class in these cultures' social hierarchies.

In parts of West and East Africa, the lion is associated with healing and is regarded as the link between seers and the supernatural.

In other East African traditions, the lion is the symbol of laziness. The lion was a prominent symbol in ancient Mesopotamia from Sumer up to Assyrian and Babylonian times, where it was strongly associated with kingship.

The theme of the royal lion hunt, a common motif in the early iconography in West Asia, symbolized death and resurrection; the continuation of life was ensured by the killing of a god-like animal.

In some stone reliefs depicting the Royal hunt of lions, the lion's divinity and courage are equated with the divinity and courage of the king.

The lion is the biblical emblem of the tribe of Judah and the later Kingdom of Judah. In the Book of Judges , Samson kills a lion as he travels to visit a Philistine woman.

The power and ferocity of the lion is invoked when describing the anger of God Amos 3: The book of Isaiah uses the imagery of a lion laying with a calf and child, and eating straw to portray the harmony of creation Isa In the Book of Revelation , a lion, an ox, a man and an eagle are seen on a heavenly throne in John's vision; Rev 4: In the Puranic texts of Hinduism , Narasimha "man-lion" a half-lion, half-man incarnation or avatar of Vishnu , is worshipped by his devotees and saved the child devotee Prahlada from his father, the evil demon king Hiranyakashipu ; [] Vishnu takes the form of half-man, half-lion] creature in Narasimha, where he has a human torso and lower body, and a lion-like face and claws.

It was originally used only by Rajputs , a Hindu Kshatriya or military caste. After the birth of the Khalsa brotherhood in , the Sikhs also adopted the name "Singh" due to the wishes of Guru Gobind Singh.

Along with millions of Hindu Rajputs today, it is also used by over 20 million Sikhs worldwide. The Asiatic lion is found as an emblem on numerous flags and coats of arms across Asia, including on the National Emblem of India.

The Asiatic lion is a common motif in Chinese art ; it was first used in art during the late Spring and Autumn period fifth or sixth century BC and became more popular during the Han Dynasty BC — AD when imperial guardian lions started to be placed in front of imperial palaces for protection.

Because lions have never been native to China, early depictions were somewhat unrealistic; after the introduction of Buddhist art to China in the Tang Dynasty after the sixth century AD, lions were usually depicted wingless with shorter, thicker bodies and curly manes.

Lion-headed figures and amulets were excavated in tombs in the Greek islands of Crete , Euboea , Rhodes , Paros and Chios.

They are associated with the Egyptian deity Sekhmet and date to the early Iron Age between the 9th and 6th centuries BC. The lion is featured in several of Aesop's fables , which were written in the sixth century BC.

Similarly the wearing of lion skin such as the lion skin worn by Herackles also symbolizes victory over death. Lions are frequently depicted on coats of arms , either as a device on shields or as supporters , but the lioness is used much less frequently.

Such descriptions specify whether lions or other creatures are "rampant" rearing or "passant" crouching. The lion is used as a symbol of sporting teams, from national association football teams such as England , Scotland and Singapore to famous clubs such as the Detroit Lions [] of the NFL, Chelsea [] and Aston Villa , a team of the English Premier League , [] and by the Premiership itself, Eintracht Braunschweig of the Bundesliga , and many smaller clubs around the world.

Lions continue to appear in modern literature as characters including the messianic Aslan in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and following books from The Chronicles of Narnia series written by C.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Lion disambiguation. A species of large cat in the subfamily Pantherinae.

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Kinder, Alte und Kranke, Obdachlose, Behinderte oder z. Jeder Club verwirklicht die individuellen Ideen seiner Mitglieder für Hilfsprojekte in der umliegenden Stadt oder Region, wodurch das Engagement von uns Leos in vielen Facetten hervortritt. In anderen Projekten Commons. August um Leos geben sich politisch und konfessionell ungebunden. Lions- beim Leo-Club- Beauftragten. Leo-Deutschland unterstützte hierbei den Bundesverbands der Jugendkunstschulen und kulturpädagogischen Einrichtungen e. Sie wurde am 5. Das Engagement ist rein ehrenamtlich.

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Die Führungspositionen Präsident, Governor, Internationaler Präsident sind rein ehrenamtlich und werden meist nur für ein Jahr eingenommen. Du lernst mit Herausforderungen umzugehen und lernst fürs Leben. Die Schweiz bildet den MD Für die Mitgliedschaft in Leo Clubs gibt es keine besonderen Voraussetzungen. Jeder Club hat die folgenden Amtsträger, die nach einer weltweiten Festlegung des Leojahres jeweils vom 1. Damit wurde die erste deutschlandweite Activity geboren. Lions- beim Leo-Club- Beauftragten. Leo-Deutschland unterstützte hierbei den Bundesverbands der Jugendkunstschulen und kulturpädagogischen Einrichtungen e. In anderen Projekten Commons. Zudem gibt casino y hotel en las vegas zwei Activities auf Beste Spielothek in Clausthal finden Ebene, die jeweils von fast allen örtlichen Leo Clubs koordiniert unterstützt werden: Sofern die bei diesen Activities teils gewonnenen Einnahmen und Sachspenden nicht unmittelbar weitergegeben werden können, wie z. Die örtlichen Leo Clubs engagieren sich vor allem auf lokaler und regionaler Ebene.


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